Blendits Audio Reflections Vol. 1 brings together the labels best tracks released over a period of 2 years. Since its inception during the autumn of 2013 Blendits Audio has been a steady force providing the underground drum & bass scene with deep but musical beats, aimed for the dancefloor. Head honcho Chris Harmonics has proven to posses a keen ear for finding the right tracks by established and upcoming artists that blend the rough with the smooth.

The vinyl package includes tracks by Hydro, Dabs, Eastcolors, Chromatic, Bredren and Philth. The digital version of this release will feature tracks by Soligen & Type 2, Mystic State, MTWN, Mindmapper & Silvahfonk and Impish as well. The release date is set for October 5th.

Vinyl pre order: Redeyrecords / Deejay / Triple Vision