Rotterdam based drum & bass event and label Blendits Audio proudly present their next four track EP by dynamic duo Soligen & Type 2. Hailing from Lincoln (UK) they’re quickly establishing themselves as quality, versatile producers creating sounds ranging from hefty steppers to liquid/musical rollers and everything in between.

The EP’s title track and ”Drunk x Reobort” provide plenty of weight for the dancefloor. ”Steroids” dives in deeper showcasing some excellent sound design and creative drum programming. Last but not least ”So Lonely” rounds of the EP with a lighter touch.

Ivy Lab (4/5): ”These boys got real funk to their beats.”

Nymfo (4/5): ”really cool stuff!”

Amoss (4/5): ”pure funk as always with these two, big club tracks”

Digital pre order/notification – Juno iTunes Digital Tunes